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Caroline Ritson is a highly regarded artist whose work is exhibited internationally. She is a member of the Oxford Art Society and her artwork is in numerous private collections.

Working with Acrylics, inks and oils to create layers and textures in her artwork, her seascapes reflect her love of the sea. She captures the strength of ocean waves through vibrant colors and dynamic textures, conveying the everchanging moods of the sea, many inspired by walks along the coastal paths in Britain.

Caroline has a talent for uncovering beauty in ordinary objects, such as old doors or weathered metal, offering viewers a new perspective on their inherent beauty.

Trees and light are another source of inspiration

  • She won the Posytude Gallery prize

  • Her greenman picture won the “Big Oxfordshire Artweeks” competition

  • Her work is featured in The Oxford Art Book.

  • Chosen to be a wild card on Landscape artist of the Year. 2022

  • Her design was chosen for one of the life sized oxen for oxtrail24

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